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Velvet is making a comeback and we are loving it

The velvet trend is pervading the closets of many fashionistas around the world and we are totally inspired.

According to MoodFabric, Velvet has been the fabric of nobility since ancient times. Velvet is distinguished by a dense raised pile and decadent drape. It can be made from silk, rayon, cotton, polyester, or acetate, though the silk and rayon varieties are the most luxurious. Velvet used to be considered a special-occasion fabric, but it can work equally well as a luxe option for daytime wear.

We particularly love the later part of the definition – velvet is a luxe option for daytime wear.

Our hearts have been captured.


Velvet is a luxe option for daytime wear.

By the way, this trend is not limited to mainstream fashion, but has been expanded to the lingerie industry. The season’s favorite lingeire styles are made with velvet, sheers, satin and lace and we are digging them.


Your workwear can also get a little help when you style with a velvet jacket like this one. One other thing we love about velvets are just the cool shades they come in.

Fun Fact: The Velvet material conforms to your curves.

The plush material (known once upon a time as ‘akpoche’) is great for the Nigerian weather too, especially during this Harmattan season, so guys, cozy up and enjoy the luxe effect of velvet from your underpinnings to day dresses and workwear.

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