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Measure Your Bra Size: Bra Size Finder

It’s true I am addicted to good bras, and a good bra is only as good as the fit. This is the reason why a woman needs to wear a bra that is her exact size. I am able to guess bra sizes correctly merely by looking at ladies’ chest. Call me old school but this works.

I understand that not everyone possess the superpower to tell bra sizes, so this post explains how you can find your own bra size from the comfort of your home.

I have also added a few tips on how to know if a bra fits considering my interest in proper fit and my years of experience fitting women of all shapes and sizes.

For the most accurate measurement, put on a non-padded bra. This will help lift the breasts, but not alter the size. If possible, take the measurements below without a shirt or dress on.

What you will need

  • Measuring Tape (TapeRule)
  • Non Padded Bra or crop top (your best fitting bra)

What you need to measure to get your Bra Size.

1. The Underbust (determines the band size, more or less your body size) 

2. The Bust (determines the cup size)

3. Use the Chart/Finder Below to determine your Band Size, your Cup Size and ultimately your Bra Size.  


Let’s Get To Work

(1) Measure the Underbust: To measure around the band part of your bust, which is directly underneath your breasts, place the tape around your ribcage, ensure it’s flat against your skin and draw it around your torso. Make sure tape is parallel to the floor and and it is very tight around your body. Once you’ve done that, note down the number in inches. Assuming our test measurement is 29 inches.

(2)Measure the Bust: To get the bust measurement, using the measuring tape, measure around the fullest part of your bust. Gently take the tape measure and measure it in inches as wel.. Note down the number in inches. Let’s assume our test measurement is 37 inches.

Watch the Video Below for Guidance


(3) Find your Band Size, Cup Size and your Bra Size using the Chart/Finder below:(Please note this bra finder below will give an idea of what your bra size might be.) In our example of Bust Measurement of 37inches and Underbust Measurement of 29 inches – the likely Bra Size is 32DD.

Things to Note

  1. Your band size is numeric and it must be even e.g. 30, 32, 34, 36, 38 etc.
  2. Your cup size is an Alphabet, e.g. A, B, C, D, DD, E etc.
  3. Your bra size is a combination of the band and the cup size, e.g 32DD.
  4. The difference in inches between the band and the cup gives you your cup size. In our example, the difference was 5, hence the cup size DD.
  5. If the band of the bra size determined is too tight, the next step is to go up a band size e.g. a 32 band that’s too tight, should opt for a 34 band. In this case you have to also go down a cup size – therefore the new Bra Size in our example will be a 34D.
  6. Please note, manufacturers may not call the same cup size by the same letters. Sometimes a DDD cup for a brand might mean an F cup for another brand.

Tips and Bra Fitting Checklist

  • The Straps should be comfortable and should stay in place.
  • The Centre Gore should lay flat against your skin.
  • The Cups  should be smooth without wrinkles and spillage. The breast tissues should fill the cups without bulging over.
  • The Band  provides about 80% of a Bra’s support. The band should lay flat around your body and should be positioned at the breast level.
  • The Underwire should not poke or dig into the ribcage.  It should fit flat against the skin and should not cause any pain whatsoever.

To learn more about what a well fitting bra should look like, please see this video or read this post.

Having an idea of your bra size is a starting point to a great fitting bra.

Now that you know, this should be your happy dance.

But then, remember you should probably get shopping for new matchy bras in your size!

If you have questions and comments and or you need help with sizes, please leave a comment below or send us an email.

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