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Common Mistakes Often Made By Women When Purchasing Lingerie

It’s fifteen minutes after two. You pick up your keys to drive to your favourite lingerie shop to purchase new bras and shapewear. The last bra you got last month has already faded and the band slacked. You hope this won’t be the same song you would be singing for this new purchase. And we hope with you too.

However, before you go on this lingerie shopping spree, read this article to know what you are doing wrong and what you have to look out for while purchasing lingerie. 

1. Ignoring Body Shape: When choosing lingerie, just like clothes, it is important to select fits that accentuate your shape. Therefore, failing to take into account one’s body shape when choosing lingerie can result in pieces that do not complement or enhance one’s physique.

2. Underestimating Quality: We understand that the economy is not as it used to be before. Inflation is one of the biggest problems in the country and therefore affects the prices of goods in the market. So, everyone is trying to cut costs and make do with their income. However, that shouldn’t apply when choosing lingerie for yourself. Choosing cheaper, lower-quality lingerie may save money initially but can lead to items losing their shape, fading easily, or falling apart sooner. Quality pays off in the long run. And you can always count on BriefEssential’s quality.

3. Failing to Invest in Essentials: Neglecting to invest in essential lingerie basics like nude bras, seamless underwear, and supportive shapewear can restrict wardrobe options and pose challenges when styling outfits.

4. Disregarding Proper Fit: Failure to get adequately fitted for bras may result in discomfort and an unappealing appearance. Proper fit enables individuals to select the right lingerie, especially bras, for themselves. BriefEssentials offers fitting at the shop.

5. Overlooking Comfort: Aesthetics are the new wave, the sensation. Everyone wants eye-pleasing and eye-catching things. With embellishment, that is okay too. But then, selecting lingerie based solely on appearance without considering comfort can result in items that are scratchy, constricting, or unsuitable for prolonged wear. So, consider comfort when shopping for lingerie.

We hope this helps you make the right decision.

Happy shopping!

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