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How Well Do you know your panties?

Panties are types of underwear or undergarments worn on the lower half of the body. It has various kinds depending on such criteria as the amount of rear coverage, width at the sides and height at which they are worn.

These styles are described below:
1. Briefs: They are panties that rise to the waist, or just below the navel, and have full coverage in the rear. Some types of briefs are;

  • Classic briefs; these have sides that extend below the hip. They are commonly called “granny panties” and are notable for their full rear coverage.
  • High-cut briefs; These are almost like classic briefs but have somewhat narrower sides with wider leg openings.
  • Control briefs; These have a high waist band that extends above the waist. They are sometimes designed to offer support while giving a slimmer appearance and can be worn as shapewear or shaping garments

2. Hipsters: Just as the name suggests, hipsters are worn lower down the waist than the briefs. It has the waistband around the hips.

3. Boyshorts: These are styled after men’s boxer briefs and have short legs that extend below the crotch. They are also called boyleg. They can be worn under tight fitting clothes as they don’t allow Visible Pant Line.

4. Bikinis: They are like hipsters, and so the waistband sits at hip level, but the leg openings are wider and narrower. The string bikini type has sides that disappear altogether with the waistband consisting of only string-like material. The rear coverage of the bikini is slightly more revealing than that of the brief.

5. Thongs: They have a waistband that is similar to tangas, but most of the rear coverage is cut away. The crotch is extended to the back of the wearer and a narrow strip of fabric fits between the buttocks, becoming wider towards the top, or sometimes just maintaining its T-shape throughout.

6. G-string: It lives up to its name and has a vertical string at the back that connects the crotch to the waistband, sometimes featuring a triangle of fabric. It is mostly held together with a string that can sometimes be tied at the sides.

7. Brazilian: Brazilian Briefs are a cross between a bikini and a thong, offering moderate back coverage. The back shape is not as wide as a bikini and not as thin as a thong. They sit low on the hips with wide sides and cut away detail on the back. If you need a flattering curve,  Brazilians are the perfect choice. 

G-strings, thongs and brazilian are good to be worn under tightfitting outfits as they don’t allow Visible Pant Lines (VPL). From our experience, you can avoid VPL altogether by opting for panties that are seamfree. 

Most styles of panties are still dependent on the brand that designs them, and as such they might differ slightly, but the above provides a general idea of the various kinds of panties that are available as underwear and undergarments.

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