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Shapewear terms every modern girl should know

Shapewear comes in all manner of forms so it could be a little confusing when you walk into a store, online or physical, and you attempt to buy shapewear and all these terms are thrown at you. But never fear! We are here to help you figure that out. Below is a list of terms to help you out.

Generally shapewear provide four levels of control: light, moderate, firm and extra firm. You can always go for the one that suits your body type and requirements. This means you can have a body briefer that provides extrafirm control or a light control.

Body Briefers
A body briefer is a shapewear which shapes from bust to hips. They come in high cut and long leg designs. Most body briefers have an open front crotch for suitability and convenience.

The Maidenform Wear Your Own Bra Body Briefer 

Compression Garments
These shapewears are ideal for post-operative use. Breast augmentation post-operative bras, tummy tuckers, thigh compressor are common compression garments including abdominal binders and girdles. They are also ideal for postpartum recovery. An example of a compression garment is the Esbelt Ipanema Bermuda, made with latex exterior and cotton interior, it provides extra firm control and ideal for post surgical compression. Other materials ideal for post surgery include powernet. You can see more here.

Control Camisoles
These are shapers designed in the camisole or tank top outer shell with built in shaping panel. Some come with bra cups and underwires, while some shaping camisoles or tanks allow you to wear your own bra (WYOB). Control camisoles minimize flab and lift up the bust (when it is WYOB style).


Waist Cinchers / Trainers
Waist cinchers or waist trainers as many call it are meant to provide shaping to the midsection. Most of them come with hook and eye used to fasten the corset in front. You can read more about waist cinchers / trainers / corsets here.

Control Slips
Control slips are reinforced with control panels to control bulges. Generally, control slips are seamless and they make skirts and dresses look smoother. Control slips can be full slips or half slips.

Wear Your Own Bra Full Slip

Half Slip. Smooths with medium level control.


Long Leg
Long leg shapewears run down to the thighs. These shapewears generally control bulging and jiggling of thighs providing a smooth appearance.

Rago Extra Firm Thigh and Tummy Shaper with Hooks and Side Zipper for convenience and butt lifting benefit!

Padded Panties
Padded panties come with additional padding at the rear and sides. The padding enhances the natural curve of your hips. The reinforced support panels help in control of tummy bulges.


Control Briefs & Shorts
These briefs are everyday briefs that provide control. They are ideal for eliminating lower tummy pouch and seamless appearance under clothes. They come in different levels of controls depending on your needs. Some control briefs are high waist (covering the entire midsection) while others stops at the abdomen.

Seamless Shapewear
These are shapers that has no visible seams. Seamless shapewear is ideal under fitted dresses and skirts as they avoid ugly outlines.


Butt Lifters
These are shapers that lift the derriere, they could provide light to extra firm control depending on the structure. Many full body shapers and long leg shapers are inbuilt with butt lifting benefits.


Now that you are a shapewear pro, go ahead and be the beautiful woman you are in the right shapewear that meet your needs and your preferences.

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