7 Ways to get your postpregnancy body back

Congratulations on your new baby! You’ve spent months getting ready for your baby’s arrival and during that time your body has undergone some major changes. Now that your precious little one is here, you’d like to get your body back into some semblance of order. Where to begin?

Some moms may be anxious to get their pre-baby bodies back immediately the baby comes out but you have to consider your health. Once you are given a clean bill of health, usually after 6 weeks (longer for C-section), you can start your workout regimen. You however need to pace yourself as your body is still recovering. Exercise is supposed to make you feel better not worse, so stop if you are feeling any pain, soreness or bleeding. Also, you need to give yourself some time. Losing the weight isn’t magic. It will happen steadily, so don’t get discouraged once it’s not happening as fast as you’d hoped.

Breastfeeding burns up to 500 to 700 calories a day. This means that moms can increase the number of calories they take in and still lose that baby weight quickly and safely. But you should know that once you stop breastfeeding or start reducing the frequency of breastfeeding, your calorie needs would also reduce. This means that you need to adjust your diet downwards and/or your exercise routine upwards.

Get up and move
After having a baby, exercising may most likely be the last thing on your mind what with losing sleep and feeling overwhelmed. As we said earlier, pace yourself. You can start by taking a walk. Your baby can even tag along in a stroller. If you feel up to more, please consult with your doctor before engaging in your exercise routine. Some may recommend beginning with exercises you did in your third trimester, then work backwards.

It is very important for new moms to take naps. This helps you regain energy and helps with weight loss. A nap is a better alternative for grabbing a sugary snack or high-calorie food to boost energy levels.

Stock up on healthy snacks
Eating too much sugar which is a quick energy fix can destabilize your blood sugar levels and once your blood sugar drops you may be tempted to eat the first thing you can grab. Having a healthy snack handy can help you avoid temptation aside forming the right eating habits.


Use a PostPartum Belly Wrap
Postpartum belly wraps are girdle-like garments made to shrink-wrap the tummy – they help ease the swelling of the uterus, gives abdominal support while supporting the legs and back and general posture. Belly wraps help with back problems and are usually recommended for tummy tuck patients too.

Mom’s support group
This may just be a group of your friends who are moms as well. Having the group can help boost your morale especially with the weight loss. It may be difficult to keep up at first but with a little encouragement, you can and will get there.

The best way to keep your weight in check is to have a healthy diet and a suitable exercise routine during the course of your pregnancy. This way you remain fit and don’t gain too much and it’s easier for you to bounce back after you’ve had your baby.

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