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5 Underwear Problems Only Women Will Understand and How Brief Essentials Helps To Fix Them

“There is no fashion without the right foundation” is a very popular saying in the lingerie industry, and no truer words have ever been said. The underwear is a vital part of every woman’s wardrobe. Show me a woman having a bad day and I’ll show you a woman wearing poorly-fitting or uncomfortable underwear.

In a bid to be gender-neutral, we have to admit that both men and women rely on comfortable and well-fitting underwear to keep their outfits together, but there are some underwear problems that only women can relate to and the good news is that Brief Essentials has a solution for every one of them.

  1. Poorly fitting underwear : One major problem most women face is finding the right fit. Apart from the fact that most women don’t even know their bra size or sister size (alternative bra size), they also don’t know how to measure themselves to get the right fit. The Brief Essentials website has a sizing guide to help give women an idea of their right size. We also provide free bra-fitting at our store and at pop-up events so that every woman who shops at Brief Essentials goes home with exactly the right size of underwear they need.
  2. Loose Bra Straps : Sometimes, bra straps tend to go slack, even though other parts of the bra are still intact. This can cause the bra to fall and make the breasts not to receive the support they need. To solve this, at Brief Essentials we stock a pair of bra straps as lingerie accessories. So that you can still wear that pretty bra you love for just a bit longer.
  3. Visible Panty Line : There’s nothing worse than wearing a fitted skirt or pant trousers and having your pant line showing behind it. Sometimes, it still shows even when you wear tights over your panties. Every woman has at some point or the other in her life battled or is still battling the dreaded visible pant line. To fix this, at Brief Essentials, we have a wide range of seamless underwear. These are specially designed not to show under your clothes so that your outfits look just as chic on the outside as you feel on the inside.
  4. Bra band too tight : In nearly the same way your bra straps can be too loose and need a change, it’s possible that your bra band becomes too tight and you’ve run out of hook and eye closures to adjust them to. Rather than tossing out a pair of otherwise still good lingerie, you can get a bra extender to extend the band of your bra and give you a few more months with your beloved underwear.
  5. Boning sticking out : There’s nothing worse than wearing a brassiere with underwire and having the boning stab you in the heart anytime you move. At Brief Essentials, we only stock lingerie made with premium plastic boning that not only gives your breasts the firm hold they deserve but are also smooth and delicate against your skin.

Underwear are such intimate things for most women, it is inevitable to have problems with them from time to time. But at Brief Essentials, our underwear provides more solutions than problems for every woman.

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