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Welcome to Inspire Monday
And today we share practical advises by Oprah Winfrey to having a successful life.

1) Don’t measure your success by the amount of money you have. Measure it by the milestones you’ve reached and the challenges you’ve conquered to be a better person.

2) Focus on your own path. Make sure it’s made clear. Know what you want for your life and not merely what another person is doing. Know your path and make it clear.

3) Don’t be anxious for the future, things will work out. Keep doing what you need to. Anxiety does not add to the progress of things but it can take away.

4) Your self-esteem should not be tied to your success. Setbacks can happen which can in turn make you unhappy because your happiness and confidence is tied to it. “You realize to some extent, success is beyond our control” – Oprah Winfrey

5) Decisions have to be made. Life is all about decisions. Not everything can be fixed but a decision can set things on course, the important things. “The best decision you can make is to use your life in service.” – Oprah Winfrey.

6)Success is a process. You can’t expect a huge success overnight. It is built up. It requires diligence and consistency.

We hope this post was enlightening, share a comment in the comment section to let us know what you’ve learnt or additional tips or lessons you’ve learnt over the years regarding success.

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