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My name is Amaka Diane Okeke aka The LionQueen, founder of LQ scents( @lq_scents) A lagos based perfume oil company that caters for men and women.

The LQ scents is a blend of several oil as ingredients and spices in attractive crystal bottles, it carries a strong and aromatic fragrance while having the base of conventional oud, musk, amber, jasmine.

Highly concentrated
Long Lasting

Your signature scent follows you wherever you go.
Shop @lq_scents.

Challenges Faced
In a world where most items are purchased online, the challenge i have faced is getting new clients to decide on which perfume oil they want, because its a perfume you have to get what suits you , your style of scent, so sending testers across was a major challenge because its an online brand but now we have our perfume at Trish O No 27 Sanusi fafunwa street vi.

Advice to Entrepreneurs
No matter how many times you fall, rise up… Never ever give up. Work hard and smart, trust and believe in God.

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