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If you’re Nigerian and you don’t know Genevieve Nnaji, are you really Nigerian?!!

Genevieve has made a mark in the Nigerian movie industry, Nollywood and beyond the shores of Nigeria. However, her success made a huge impact and this is because of the way she worked her way to it. Her latest movie, Lion Heart aired on Netflix which is a big achievement.

Today, we’ll be sharing 5 value systems and activities she lived by to bring her to this point of success.

  1. Strong belief in showing love to others: She believes in karma, that what you do to others, it comes back to you. In any sector, organization or gathering you find yourself, always do good. Show love, help when you need to and respond in goodness to others.
  2. Whatever you do, do it well: “I feel that anything worth doing is worth doing well and what I start, I need to finish – I believe in seizing every moment and opportunity.” – Genevieve Nnaji. Let your work speak forth excellence. Give your very best.
  3. Be Prepared: Be prepared at all times because of opportunities that could come your way at any point. Get certified, take online courses, watch YouTube videos and research. Don’t be caught unawares so you don’t miss out on great opportunities that you are actually supposed to take.
  4. Creativity is more important than what you’ll earn: She is loved and admired because of her creativity. Your creativity gets more attraction, if you’re focused on what you’ll earn compared to what you bring to the table, it can’t take you far.
  5. Have the right kind of people around you: Genevieve would not have gotten featured in some of the movies that got a big hit without having the right people around her. Network with the right people, have a mentor and have good friends. This is very important in ensuring you attain greater positions and heights in your business.

We hope you have been inspired by these 5 tips to having a successful career, stay tuned for more #inspiremonday.

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