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The Athleisure Trend is here to stay

If you happen to check your Merriam-Webster dictionary you will find athleisure defined as casual clothing designed to be worn both for exercising and for general use. Yes, that’s right. The trend became so popular it got added to the dictionary. Can we blame them?

Goes without saying that the concept of athleisure stems from comfort and versatility and we all know how we love our comfort.

Athleisure clothing are workout pieces (leggings, tops, bras, sneakers) that are just as chic as the rest of your wardrobe. The key is finding balance on the spectrum of baggy and worn out gym clothes to your everyday street wear look.

There are things to take note of when rocking the athleisure look:


Pair up your outfit with pieces from your wardrobe, be it a jacket, hat or sunglasses.

Statement leggings or Capris

Brightly coloured leggings or leggings with intricate designs are the way to go to spice up your athleisure look.

Show your bra

Don’t be shy to show a peek of your fashionable sports bra especially when combined with a low V-neck top or boat neck shirt.

Energy sports bra


To perfect your athleisure look and look stylish, pair your outfit with bright and colourful sneakers that match an accent colour in your leggings or top. Fashionable sneakers are also great to add to a t-shirt dress or skirt.

Gucci Sneakers

Thanks to fashion icons, the athleisure look has been upgraded. Although we are not too certain about the guarantee of comfort, the upgraded athleisure look definitely oozes chic and style. Icons like Rihanna, Gigi Hadid and Selena Gomez have rocked the look by adding thigh high boots, Velcro boots and strappy heels to their tracksuit, sweater and jacket.


And no, contrary to what you may have thought, athleisure isn’t only for women. Men too can partake. We can find names like Champion, A-Z by Zlatan and Eysom, who are icons for the athleisure movement for men.

We definitely think that athleisure is going nowhere. So cop your outfit and join the movement!

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