The Volumetrics Diet: Best Diet for Weight Loss.

A majority of us don’t eat enough fibre, missing the mark on optimal gut health. This is why the volumetrics diet in particular often ends up moving the needle a bit faster on weight loss. The Volumetrics diet may be the most encouraging because of the frequently snacking on its approved staples. The diet was first created by researchers at Pennsylvania State University. It encourages you to eat your favourite foods while practising moderation. You enjoy a fair share of servings of fresh vegetables and sweet fruit. All while learning to balance rotating in snacks you may already love. And a fair share of lean protein and whole grains.

“You’re likely going to be more satisfied after each meal because you’re consuming more fibre and foods that are high in their water content, which works to deter overeating,”  explains Amy Fischer, MS, RD, CDN, a registered dietitian working within the Good Housekeeping Institute.

Newcomers to the diet often turn to a guide, The Ultimate Volumetrics Diet, written by Barbara Rollins, PhD, to get started. Meal plans include an influx of fruit and fresh and frozen veggies. Paired with whole grains, beans and legumes, lean seafood and low-fat poultry. The diet’s guide encourages you to load your plate with as many of its preferred fibrous greens as you’d like. And does account for planned snack breaks. Eating three balanced, fibre-rich meals a day, and if a snack is needed in between meals, usually works best. This diet encourages that and offers flexibility.

You would notice that fibre is linked to successful weight management. That’s because diets like Volumetrics target your digestive tract to keep you satiated longer. Studies indicate that both soluble and insoluble fibre does help to decrease hunger, keeps you satisfied longer. Therefore helping with long-term weight management.

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