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Waist Trainers For Beginners. Part 2


Do you recall old period dramas that featured the actress taking a deep breath as someone laced up her corset?

Many manufacturers use the word ‘corset’ to market several of their waist trainers. However, there is a vast difference to a proper corset.

A real corset has laces in the back with steel boning throughout the bodice of the garment. The corset derives its shaping power from this boning – you can tie it as tightly as your want with the help of the laces.


When you tighten the laces, your ribcage contorts into the shape of the corset because of the steel boning. If worn over the long term, corset training holds the power to change the proportions of your body.

Corsets are your best bet when you want drastic waist slimming results if worn regularly.

Out of the other waist trainers, corsets are the most effective when it comes to reducing your waistline.

Corset training can tuck in a couple of inches of your waist instantly. All thanks to the laces and the boning.

If you don’t mind spending money, you can buy a tailor-made corset. These are made especially for you based on your body shape and size and are more comfortable to wear.

Waist Cinchers

Most celebrities that waist train, use waist cinchers for their training. Waist cinchers look like corsets but have hook-and-eye closures instead of laces. You adjust the tightness with the help of these hooks.

Waist cinchers are of two types, depending on the fabric used to make them.


Latex waist cinchers – If you are new to waist training, latex cinchers are perfect for you. They are known as ‘beginner corsets’ because they are made of latex and have little to no boning in their structure. Their flexibility makes them ideal for exercising at home or workouts at the gym. The drawback is that the material is not breathable, and it wrinkles easily.

Fabric waist cinchers – A little less flexible and more rigid than the latex version; however, the fabric makes it easier for your skin to breathe. These cincher types help you better define your curves and improve your body posture because of their rigidity.


Although cinchers and corsets look similar and both reduce your waistline immediately, there are critical differences between them. Cinchers are less restrictive than corsets – while a cincher compresses your body, it does not do it to the extent that you cannot move.

Another vital difference is the boning structure. Cinchers can have fewer steel columns or no boning at all. Some use flex boning, in which a pliable column is made from plastic.

Just like corsets, waist cinchers have their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

When you are looking for waist trainers that you can wear seamlessly under your clothes, waist cinchers are your best bet.

Because they are more flexible than corsets, you can wear them for more extended periods. You can wear waist cinchers during your workouts to help you sweat a bit more.

Waist cinchers tuck your waist in and shape your body without being as restrictive as corsets.

Less boning makes waist cinchers more comfortable to wear.

Waist Trimmers

Waist trimmers do not train your waist and shape your body. Instead, they burn the fat on your belly by increasing your core temperature. When temperature increases, your body burns calories faster – so think of them as a healthier way of reducing your waistline.

Waist trimmers work well for workouts and exercises. Their flexible material structure (materials like neoprene), does not restrict your range of motion.


As an added benefit, these trimmers rid water weight and unwanted toxins in and around your waist by promoting perspiration.

Dark Iron Fitness writes an excellent article on the benefits of waist trimmers.

Waist trimmers are more durable and less expensive than other types of waist trainers.

These are perfect if you want to reduce your waistline by burning off your belly fat naturally.

They provide some back support to you when you are performing any strenuous activity or exercising.

Since there is no boning in waist trimmers, they are not restrictive at all. These are incredibly comfortable to wear.

When you are working out, you do sweat a lot. When you wear a waist trimmer, the core temperature of your body increases, and you end up sweating a whole lot more – just like you would in a sauna.

So Do Waist Trainers Work?

No proven clinical research supports waist trainers helping you reduce your waist size. There is, however, quite a lot of testimony from celebrities.

Overall we believe a balanced diet, and regular exercise routines that target your waist size more naturally is the best way to achieve a smaller waist and figure.

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