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The average person in this age spends roughly 10 hours a day on social media. Social media is filled with so much content, the good, the bad and the ugly. However, it only makes sense to get some good and lessons from it while spending that much time on it.

Today, we will be sharing 2 entrepreneurs you should be following and they impact the lives of their followers and motivate them daily. You cannot go wrong following them and you learn daily.

  1. Tosin Ade – Aibinu: She is an highly notable entrepreneur in this generation. She is the CEO of @naijanaturals which is an online and walk-in store in Lagos, Nigeria that sells hair products and tools. Not only is she an entrepreneur but she has made a very huge impact and trains other entrepreneurs/business owners. Her Instagram page @lynnjaphet and her YouTube channel – (Tosin Alabi) is a place where wisdom nuggets and business tips are dished out. It doesn’t stop there, she shares contents that push her followers into Excellency and building a successful business, in which she has a business consultation website. In addition, if you love to look good, style weaves/wigs, know the bag to buy, she’s your plug. From faith, to business, to fashion, to hair tutorials and the likes that constantly push people to be better. Her page is all encompassing and highly inspirational.

2) Tosin Olaseinde: She is a financial enthusiast and CEO of Money Africa in which through social media, individuals have been taught healthy financial habits. She teaches about the financial word and breaks down terms, myths and processes that seem difficult. The art of investment and saving is taught. Videos are shared on topics that might just seem difficult to comprehend, which are made easy or answering questions. Many can say that through her platform, they have gained a level of financial literacy.

Even with the amount of time spent on social media, wisdom can still be built up and improvement in our finances and businesses.

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