Nordica Lagos, Wise Initiative raise awareness for Endometriosis.

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On March 10, 2018, about 4,000 people gathered at City Mall in Onikan, Lagos island and began a walk to Muri Okonla Park in Victoria Island.

What could mobilize such a behemoth crowd?


This disease, though treatable, has no cure. It affects over 1,000 women in Nigeria every year, and that’s those that have received a diagnosis.

Usually, sufferers experience excruciating pain with their menstrual period and sometimes outside of it and believe it’s ‘one of those women things’.

Even doctors, if not aware of the ailment, can misdiagnose patients with tuberculosis or appendicitis.

The walk today was to raise awareness as well as funds to contribute to the fight against Endometriosis and aid treatment and support in Nigeria.

WISE Initiative is proud to support this movement and is a sponsor of this #EndoWalk in conjunction with @NordicaLagos fertility clinic.

Brief Essentials is a supporter of this laudable cause. Special thanks to others who donated and/or joined in the walk.

Article submitted by Funmi Ayowole, Founding member, Wise Initiative.