#PowerWithin, when you fail a lot of times, you will no longer be afraid of failure – Linda Kpum.

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At 40, there is barely a common experience shared that I can’t relate to on a deeper level. My spiritual beliefs and values have guided me thus far to a place of purpose. A place where I understand that regardless of my gender, I am first of all a human, created with equal opportunities to do and be all that I desire to be. My only limitation will be myself.

I have pushed through the toughest of terrains not as a woman but as a human on a mission to be a better version of myself at each stage of life. God has been faithful through it all.

I am particularly guided by strong values as integrity, my gut feeling (some people will know that as the Holy Spirit)The #powerwithin and the knowledge that if you don’t try, you won’t know how high you can fly.

I have failed a lot of times, I am no longer afraid of that word.

The beauty of failure is, it teaches you all the ways it won’t work and you become a master on how best it will work.

I constantly #pressforprogress

To every woman out there, I Celeberate you now and always. You have greatness, potential, beauty and charm inside of you. Don’t be afraid to unwrap it.

My story so far is a true picture of Grace. Yours can even be better. Tap into your #powerwithin and excel.

You can be all you want to beโค.

You can learn more about Linda Kpum here.

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