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A bralette is a bra without wires or moulded cups. Bralettes are supposed to be comfortable and casual. It sometimes features fancy, thin or lacy straps like regular bra and provides a reasonable amount of support.



Bralette is a perfect dainty little thing that can be described as a soft bra with feminine touch. Most come in the basic sizes from extra small through extra large. There is no limit to what you can do with bralette. Celebrities who are big fans of underwear as outerwear, have embraced the trend and also proved you can wear a bralette during the day and still look classy.So if you’ve ever hesitated to wear a bralette out, here are some great tips and ways to wear your favourite bralette with your daily outfits.

1.  You can pair a bralette with high-waist pencil skirt and add a jacket on top.

2.  A strappy bralette is also great to wear under a shirt that has a deep open back.



3.  One pretty way to wear bralettes is under a sheer shirt. A bralette looks really cute under a white sheer shirt.



4.  A bralette can be paired with high waist shorts and a light kimono for a perfect summer outfit.


5. For a more sexier look, just wear a pretty bralette underneath those lacy tops that are full of holes.


6. Do you want a more sophisticated outfit? Bralettes are perfect with a blazer and pant.



Bralettes as an outerwear is not a new fashion trend but it’s still very popular. They are typically fun and classy so you can rock the trend in different ways. Shop our bralettes and other sexy lingerie here


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