#BEPro Lingerie Care Tip

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Giving in to laundry and some extra grooming the busy week days did not permit is inevitable during the weekend isn’t it?




We are aware of this and the major concern centred around our lingerie, that is why we will delve into some #BEPro care tips our lingeries will be happy we gave them this weekend.



Lingerie Care

The first step is looking at the care label. The manufacturers know how best to care for the items they’ve made. So we should not ignore care labels.
In cases where care instructions are not clearly written, take note of the type of fabric content, the water temperature and drying instructions.
Sometimes the tag might be gone and you may not be able to see the instructions just play it safe, avoid the washing machine all together and hand wash.



Lingerie Care

In cases of stains, dab with mild soap and water and gently rub on the stained area.
Soaking for some minutes is always a good idea.

Lingerie Care

Molded, padded and underwire bras require attention; handwashing is still your best bet. After soaking for a few minutes, gently work the suds into the fabric. Gently squeeze the garments and avoid wringing your bras out.



#BEPro Lingerie Care Tip

Convert your old soft toothbrush to scrub off any stains especially the ones around the underwire.


If you have any questions about your lingerie, fit and sizing, do not hesitate to #AskBE via @BriefEssentials