#TipTuesday – The Best Way To Keep A Clean Lingerie Bag

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This post is written with the belief that ladies will agree that the most important clothing in their possession is their lingerie. Above the expensive dresses a lady’s closet can boast of, the different pieces of underlining including bra and pant are the ones which demand extra care the most. Underlinings are the immediate pieces of clothing next to the skin. We hope this explains why they are the most important to care for?


As much as we can device washing machines to do justice to our clothings, our bras demand extra care which involves hand washing.


Lingerie Care


Washing of our bras depends on different types and shapes, we have the padded, molded cup, the laced bra with underwires, soft cup and  bralette. Soft cup and bralette are easier to soak and wash just like any other piece of piece of clothing. Delicate laced bra requires being soaked for about 5 minutes, then gently dab on it especially the padded ones. Not that padded bra with underwires is difficult to wash because of the pad, after soaking it, take a toothbrush you no longer use to gently dab on the underwire part.


Lingerie Care


You are advised to wash your bra on a daily basis so that it doesn’t get difficult to wash as the case may be. If you put these tips to use, you are assured of an entirely clean lingerie bag.



Watch more tips in the video below: