#TipTuesday -#BE Solution To Bra Issues

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Having bra problems is not a sin, it only becomes a sin when do not seek solutions or you are not yielding to some. ‘Rider’s Dilemma’ is one of the common problems ladies embattle in wearing their bras. It is usually not an issue to some ladies till they find out (don’t blame anyone yet).

Once you come across the truth behind the bra issues you are experiencing, it will be an eye opener you would love to share with other ladies. The key lesson in this is to have an open mind to receive knowledge.  If you have any of these problems, they can easily be corrected using the image and the solutions below:


#BE Solutions Tp Bra Issues II



1.) Quadboobs: If your cups are too small, you have what we call ‘quadboobs’ you need to increase the cup size. The cup size is the alphabet, so if you were a D, you can try a DD.

2.) Large Cups:  If the cups are too large, you need to go down a cup size.

3.) Multiple Folds: If you have multiple folds at the back around the band, you should try a band 1 size bigger, e.g. you move from 34 to 36.

4.) Rider’s Dilema:  If you have the ‘rider’s dilemma,’ then your band is too big, you should consider a smaller band. The band is the number e.g. 34.


#BEProTip: Remember your cup size is relative to the band size. So sometimes you might need to change both cup and band sizes to find the size that works for you.

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