Lagos Fashion & Design Week 2017, Fashion Trends

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The Heineken Lagos Fashion and Design Week which held from Oct 25 โ€“ 28 at the Eko Atlantic showed the emerging styles and colours which would be trending for the next year. We had designers like Ejiro AmosTafiri, Osuare, Maureen Ikem (Sunny Rose), Grey, P.O.C., Orange culture x Davido, Moofa, House of Kaya, Dzyn, Samuel Noon, Elie Kuame, Gozel Green, Assian, Ugo Monye, Titi Belo, just to mention a few. The designs showcased, have something for everyone, male, female and plus size. Hereโ€™s our guide to the trend highlights of the year.


A common colour scheme across all the designs exhibited during the Lagos fashion and design week is the use of black, white, nude and neutral colours, shades of blue and pink, teal, burgundy, earthy colours, purple and bright color mixes. AboutThaCurvyLife x Osuare played it cool with the use of blue and brown combinations.ย  We were further cooled down by Dzynโ€™s pale pink and pale blue combos on the runway. DNA by Iconic Invanity, Omilua and Amede switched it up with their bright colours, colour mixtures and print.

Frills, fringe and everything nice

Throughout the four days, it would have been impossible not to find an element of frill, fringe or ruffle. Dzyn used ruffles and frills to add volume to her statement pieces; DNA by Iconic Invanity had them layered down the length of dresses and at Clan they cascaded down the sides of the legs of trousers.

Gender less fashion

Maxivive sparks off the trend of gender less fashion by infusing male and female styles. For the men we have skirts on jackets and for the women we have non-svelte outfits.


Head accessories

Hats, hair accessories, Headwear and caps were the order of the day at the Lagos Fashion and Design week. Designers like Grey, Andrea Iyamah, Omilua and Johnson and Johnson all had their models rocking some form of head accessory or the other. Johnson and Johnson all had their models decked in berets while Andrea Iyamah had hats to go along with her designs.


The Athleisure trend is steadily gaining foot in the fashion industry and designers are finding new ways to spice up the trend. Kinabuti definitely did justice to the look by infusing the sweat pants and tops with prints.

Lingerie as outerwear

The lingerie as outerwear trend we spotted last year, has not shown any sign of leaving the stage yet. The runway had models strutting the runway in strapless and t-shirt bras worn underneath sheer / transparent materials.

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