10 Most Essential Lingerie Every Woman Should Own

For the woman who insists on standing out!

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Underwear forms the foundation of every single outfit we put. To look awesome, the foundation should be perfect. Apart from the fact that it makes the whole outfit look properly put together, underwear has a way of making one feel sexy, confident and powerful. So we have put together a list of the must-haves.


The bra is one you cannot do without as they help keep the babies in perfect form. The T-shirt bra is a must have as itโ€™s seamless and wears well under tee shirts and tops without visible lines. Convertible bras are useful for switching things up from strapless to halter neck depending on the outfit.

Riley T-Shirt Bra by Panache, available here
Convertible Bra – available here


Even though there are some days some of us like to go without, the perfect type of panties is ideal depending on the outfit you are wearing. To avoid pant lines, youโ€™ll need thongs or seamless briefs.



Shaping slip ensures a smooth figure under your outfit and it also cincher in the waist, enhancing your shape. This can be worn under dresses. The shaping camisole is similar to the shaping slip but shorter, waist length or the top of the hips. This is especially useful for tops or dresses that are fitted to the waist then flared from the waist down.

The Rago Extra Firm Bodysuit is everywoman’s favorite.


Camisoles are traditionally lingerie serving as a foundation for sheer tops or cover for cleavage but pop on a jacket or sweater and you are good to go.


Sheer pantyhose are particularly known for being worn by women to the office and they are as important as they were many years ago. Fishnet tights have become a statement piece. Itโ€™s chic, trendy and fashionable, and the best way to add spice to your regular everyday wardrobe.

Give your look a leg up with Fishnet Tights


The babydoll is a sexy super short night gown or negligee, so if youโ€™re looking for something comfortable to wear to sleep thatโ€™s still got a bit of glamour, you should have this.

Babydoll, we really love the lace details and the centre slit.


Putting on a silk or satin robe is a quick and easy way to make even the most boring part of your routine feel a little more glamorous. Few things feel better than doing your own mani-pedi in your silk robe.

Best Robe Ever! Satin and Eyelet Lace make a good match!

So, say โ€˜NOโ€™ to neglecting your underwear drawer and say โ€˜YESโ€™ to stocking up on self-love inspiring lingerie.

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