Lagos Fashion & Design Week 2016, Lingerie as Outerwear Trends

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Fashion week is always an exciting time in every city of the world where it occurs. And Nigeria’s
economic capital of Lagos state is never left out. The last weekend of October is like a chocolate factory for all the fashion “Charlies” on this side of the West African divide.

The Lagos Fashion and Design Week is a four-day fashion haven for all the stylistas and fashionistas
within and around Nigeria. It is a meet-and- greet for those already in the industry, and an
introductory course for those looking to delve in.

From the panel discussions to the unveiling of both established and emerging designers’ collections,
the Lagos Fashion and Design Week is where every Nigerian fashion enthusiast should be.
But the real fashion doesn’t happen on the runway during the fashion week, it takes place on the

From sheer wear, to fringes and boot cuts, to baggy, tattered jeans, the street style of the 2016
Lagos Fashion and Design Week took a life of its own.  The one fashion trend that caught our eyes – quite obviously of course – was the inner wear styled as outer wear.

From bustiers/corsets worn over rather than under outfits – not a particularly novel style however –
to bralettes and longline bras worn as a top, fashion statements were definitely made on the streets
of the 2016 Lagos Fashion and Design Week.

There were several push up bras and bralettes worn under sheer tops and jackets, but we could still
see them so they definitely counted as outer wear. Camis/Slips/Tube tops were paired with briefs and pants under sheer dresses that left nothing to the imagination.


Denrele served major face with his corset-crowning ensemble.

Zainab Balogun matched a striped push up bra with striped shorts and partly striped blazer.

The sports bra also came out to play – although there were no sporting activities taking place – an indication that the athleisure trend is here to stay.

The 2016 LFDW street styles bordered on a scale of daring to the bizarre, with the bizarre end
winning, and fashion statements made were not taken back, as is always the case with statements.