Lemon And Sugar DIY Recipe For Flawless Skin

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As we are all in tune with the popular scenario of when life gives us lemon, we are sure of the next thing to do with it aren’t we? It only gets more interesting for us in this post that we are not only going to be making lemonades out of the lemon thrown in our faces. We are going to be having more fun with lemons to achieve an enviable flawless skin.


Without playing any further around our lemons today, we will be taking you on a very simple DIY (Do it yourself) recipe with lemons and sugar to get your skin glowing than your friends’. This recipe, when used once or twice a week, your skin will have that glow you never thought it had.

Asides that this DIY lemon scrub you are going to learn on here is pocket friendly, the end product is very rewarding. It is ideal for rough feet, kneels and elbows. Those with acne prone skin should be on their toes to get this recipe because of its wonderful work. Your face and body will be left soft and insanely smooth after exfoliating with this recipe.

Lemon and Sugar Face Scrub

  • Place the sugar into a medium sized mixing bowl.


  • Add the lemon juice after squeezing and stir until completely combined. Transfer the sugar scrub into airtight container for keeps.


Lemon and Sugar DIY Scrub

  • Place a teaspoon amount of the scrub on your palm and rub over your skin and face then leave for about 5minutes.

  • Wash off the scrub with warm water, your skin will never feel the same after.

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