Inspire Monday: Arianna Huffington’s Tips on Being a Good Leader.

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Being a good entrepreneur starts from being a good leader. Today on Inspire Monday , we share 5 tips learnt from Arianna Huffington on being a good leader.

1) You need space to innovate, think, and strategize.

2) Great leadership and creativity don’t come from the place of exhaustion and burnout: take a break when you need to.

3) Your energy and your time are scares resources, learn to prioritize and learn to let go: very important, don’t waste time and energy on what is not important.

4) Holding grudges is like drinking poison, it saps a lot of your energy: regardless of competition or staffs that drive you crazy, never hold a grudge, it affects you not the offender. Communicate effectively or ignore.

5) Great leaders have guts to stand up for what they believe in: Stand assured in what you believe in, this makes you know what you want for your business and for your team. Nothing less!!

We are sure you learnt a lesson or two, do share in the comment section any additional lesson you might have. Stay tuned for more.