Feature Friday: Uchenna Mofunanya shares business gems for entrepreneurs

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Welcome to Feature Friday and today our entrepreneur is Mrs Uchenna Mofunanya, the founder and current CEO of Shapeup with Mrsmurphy @shapeupwith_mrsmurphy. Read more below about her business and a few words for anyone who’s looking to start a weight management consultation business.

My name is Uchenna Mofunanya. I am a certified weight management, fitness and flat tummy expert. My business was born out of a passion to help families become healthier and the need to raise a healthy and happier generation. Shapeup with Mrsmurphy is an online weight management consult. We help people lose weight and achieve their flat tummy goals in record time without drinking “slimming” teas, pills, supplements, starvation or sleeping in the gym. We offer various packages for weight-loss and the best part is you can be anywhere in the world . We also help nursing moms get back their body in record time.

Our approach to weight-loss and flat tummy is using all classes of food or achieve our body goals. We teach healthy eating, and healthy drinking as well as the need to be physically active. Some of my biggest challenges stems from the dept of mediocrity in the industry.

When people try to compare me to this or that coach whose procedure did not work. When I am put in this position where I have to validate myself or my work. It’s more like paying for other people’s crimes. But I’ve been able to deal with this, one client at a time. From one happy client to another, gradually the wheat is being separated from the chaff. While the most enjoyable is When I see the smile on my clients face and whenever they achieve their health and body goals, it’s a success for me. This feeling for me is very fulfilling.

To anyone trying to start this line of business, I would say,

  1. Get certified
  2. Be passionate about it and let your passion drive you.
  3. Let God be the center of your business and life
  4. Lastly, always be honest and do not sell lies just to make money

Learn more about Shapeupwithmrsmurphy by visiting their website.

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