Going The Retro Way With Olabanji Adeola – The Retro Fashiongrapher

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Thursdays of the week have been officially commissioned to go back in time. We all know how amusing it can be to have peopleโ€™s funny looking faces and wacky fashion sense from years past splattered all over the gram. While we embrace the #tbt culture, we have learnt to sprinkle some evolutionary spice to our fashion sense too.


In the revolving world of the existence of mankind, the fun of going back in time justย  got heightened. On this super-duper Thursday, we will be taking a ride back in time but on a new century cart. Hows the sound of that?


Withย Olabanji Adeola, The Retro Fashiongrapher on the wheel โ€“ the journey is promised to be smooth and ecstatic all the way. Prior to this journey, he has beenย driven by his passion and ability to fashionably create vivid portraits images. Why not hop inย  the ride and lets have fun!


Retro Thursday


Olanbanji Adeola III


Olanbanji Adeola IV


Retro Fashiongrapher III


Retro Fashiongrapher


Retro Fashiongrapher IV






Photos: ย Instagram @bysirarthur

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