5 Nigerian Fashion bloggers to Follow

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Blogging has started to be a huge part of the Nigerian culture and living. It’s so popular that to gain more knowledge about certain topics or tips on how you can rock those “mom Jeans” or how to take care of your hair and learn how to make-up your face, you find all that on blogs today.
That’s why today, we are going to be looking at 5 Nigerian Fashion Bloggers to follow. The list is of course not limited, these are part of a few Fashion Bloggers that you would enjoy subscribing to.
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1) Akin Faminu: Guys if you’re not following him, what are you waiting for. He is a medical student who has a passion for fashion in such an artistic way. He is a style inspiration for the men out there.

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2) Alexandiah Sho Silva: A London based Nigerian Fashion Blogger who gives us a classy and warm feel to Fashion plus wonderful beauty tips. She sure is one to follow if you want to have a style that speaks class.

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3) Denola Grey: Not just your typical fashion blogger but a model. He brings life to men’s fashion and he is amazing on the runway. His looks are like he doesn’t try to look good, he just looks good.

4) Tuke Morgan: A fashion blogger who has not just love for fashion but love for music, she plays the saxophone so well. Her fashion is unique in the sense that her smile totally completes the look and it’s a mix of culture and formality. One to subscribe to that’s who she is.

5) Cassie Daves: Have you seen someone look so good in NYSC uniform? She does. Makes it look so fashionable. Cassie shows that bold colours can work really well and she plays with prints also. She is a big style and lifestyle inspiration.