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3 Reasons why you should Love Yara Shahidi

Yara Shahidi has been storming the social media world, from her unique fashion statements to her appearance on the hit series Grownish.
Apart from being wrapped in all of that awesomeness, she is a civil rights and every rights activist coupled with that, She is now gracing the top magazines and shows with her appearances, discussing how we all have rights especially for the black race and feminism. Here are 3 reasons why we love her and We hope you enjoy this post.
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1) Fashion statements: She rocks outfits you’ll never think of pairing and looks stunning wearing it plus her hair is always looking sleek and on fleek. She has her unique way of dressing, which is mostly why we love her. She is definitely the style inspiration we need.

2) Fights for the rights of people: Following her social media account, one would get to see how passionate she is about civil rights and helping the community. From the rights of black people to the fighting against the gun policy in USA.

3) Great Actress: If you are not watching Grownish, what are you waiting for?? Sge has evolved from being a cild star and model, to being a co-star in Black-ish and now, You get to see the fullness of Yara in Grownish, and she is absolutely amazing and also discussing topics largely in the society right in the show. It’s a show you don’t want to miss and you also get to see more of Yara Shahidi.

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