Male Runway Looks we are most excited about at the Arise Fashion Week

Dappermen in suits

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The Arise Fashion Week was one of a kind from the surprise appearance of Naomi Campbell to the display of models – from scantily clad, curvy to dapper men on the runway who sort of perfected modern elegance.

This post picks out our most exciting male fashion looks we seriously dig during the event. Leo, the ex-big brother housemate who totally stole the runway with his stern look and height. He is definitely number one on our list.  Leo set the runway on fire, he makes the suit look so rockable by anyone.  Another favorite is the deep green suit, who would have thought deep green will look this good? Generally, we love the direction of male fashion in Nigeria.

Enjoy some of the best male fashion moments at the Arise Fashion Week.


Have any favorite look from the recently concluded Arise Fashion Week? Be sure to leave a comment and tag us on Instagram.

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