Zip Up & Snatched Detachable Triple Belts Latex Waist Trainer

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Compress, Control, Tone and Support your midsection with the Long Torso Latex Waist Trainer with Zip and 3 detachable waist belts that allows you to choose the compression level that’s right for you.  Our customers asked – we listened! We've also designed this waist trainer with flexible steel boning for maximum effectiveness. The steel boning works together with the latex to maintain your svelte shape, while still allowing you to be flexible. Three detachable belts create a strong, secure fit that can be adjusted as your body changes.   Latex Waist Trainer with Sturdy Zipper    Durable zipper closure for ease of wear    3 Detachable Waist Belts for even more support. Wear the waist trainer with the belts or without.    Long Torso design to effectively cover the entire midsection.    7 boning for effective support while retaining the flexibility and agility during activities;    Suitable for everyday use and all kinds of exercises and workouts from jogging, running to yoga and walking.   Cotton 96%, Spandex 4%, 100% latex core, flexible steel boning (7) 

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