Breast Care for Nursing Moms

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As a nursing mom, please note that your breasts will be larger than usual through out the period you are nursing your baby. It is important that you wear a nursing bra with good support. The most comfortable support bra is the one that lifts the breasts upward and inward.

Your breasts are larger and swollen when you first begin breast-feeding. The swelling will go down after about 2 weeks and your breasts will stay about that size as long as you are nursing.

For optimum comfort, it is important that you wear bras with wide straps that don’t stretch—these distribute the weight better and won’t cut into your shoulders.

Breast care also includes keeping your breasts clean and free from infection and skin problems. You will need at least 2 cotton nursing bras so you can wear one while the other is being washed.

It’s okay to wear underwire nursing bras in as much as they are your size and the underwires don’t cut into your skin. However, if you don’t feel comfortable enough, you can leave underwires out.  It is recommended that you get fitted again by a professional. An important accessory to keep handy, are bra extenders – remember you are going through weight variations, bra extenders can help you wear your old bras to some extent.

As a new mom, kindly also note that improper latching-on or improper removal of your baby from your breasts can allow bacteria to get into the breasts through the nipple and may lead to infection. If you are breast-feeding, soreness or infection in your breasts can keep you from wanting to nurse your newborn. It is advisable to nurse with bra that has flaps that can be let down using only one hand.

Nursing is Motherhood. It is another wonderful experience.

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