Esbelt Ipanema High Waist Mid Thigh Shaper, $90

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Designed to sensually shape your body while remaining invisible underneath clothing, the High Waist Mid Thigh Shaper provides a combination of a traditional latex corset and a short that will shape your hips, rear and thighs, giving you comfort, control and compression at every curve. Made with Esbelt's Intelligent Fabric technology.
Reduces inches from the waist and prevents bulging waistline Highlights curves on waist and hips Smooths and elongates the midsection High compression Spandex short contours the rear and thighs, while remaining comfortable and smooth Stainless Steel flexible and adjustable boning prevents garment from rolling up/down Delivers excellent back support & posture Mid section cotton lining provides amazing comfort Fine lace detail, flat and smooth on the thighs, invisible under clothing
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